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Add exceptional flavour to your baked goods, savoury dishes and any variety of cooking with Alokozay 100% Pure Sunflower Oil. Renowned chefs from around the world and homemakers alike trust our 100% PURE Sunflower Oil for their great taste and exceptional quality. The rich golden colour and pleasantly nutty flavours add aroma and depth to your culinary creations. Our oils are completely cholesterol-free.

Alokozay Sunflower oil is 100% natural Sunflower oil; It is free from cholesterol and has no additives or preservatives. Alokozay Sunflower oil is of premium quality has a milder taste that is appreciated by households that have used many other oils. It is available in bottles of 1 liters, 3 liters & 5 liters.

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100% Pure & Natural Sunflower Oil
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