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The finest Tea with an original lemon taste and flavour, suits all age groups from the young to the old.

magine indulging in a zesty sorbet on a hot summer day and you have Alokozay Lemon Tea. This fragrant blend of premium tea, fresh citrus and herbs is a delicious flavour you can enjoy just about any time of the day.

Lemon Tea is not just delicious - it is healthy for you too. From the natural boost of vitamin C to providing your body with a dose of bioflavonoid quercetin, Lemon Tea is truly rejuvenating for the body and soul. Enjoy our playful flavour freshly steeped and hot or over ice for a stand-style refreshment today. Alokozay Lemon Tea is also caffeine-free, so go on and indulge yourself!

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Ceylon Black Tea with Lemon Flavour
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