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A heavenly tea that combines spicy cinnamon with the bright, full taste of Ceylon Black Tea.

Tea satisfies, quenches and soothes. With the wonderful aroma that takes over the room while it is steeping, you will know why Alokozay Cinnamon Tea is unlike any other tea on the market. This unique combination of spicy cinnamon sticks and bright Ceylon black tea is delightful, smooth and offers just the right amount of spice to kick up the senses.

Back in the Middle Ages, it was considered a sign of elite status to have cinnamon in your home. Today, you too can feel like Europe elite with our prestigious blend. It is warm, and offers a potent cinnamon flavour. The aroma is fresh, crisp and it is the perfect tea to serve morning, noon or night.

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Ceylon Black Tea with Cinnamon Flavour
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