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Black Tea blended with rich bergamot citrus flavour fills your home with its beautiful aroma.
Imagine black tea kissed with the gentle flavour of bergamot lavender extract and you have Alokozay Earl Grey Tea. This classic artisan blend of black tea flavored with bergamot (a natural citrus) comes to life in a cup. It is the perfect afternoon tea with friends or enjoyed alone. It is zesty, surprisingly refreshing and gets you up and moving.
Whether you are looking for a quick kick of flavour or you want to unwind after a long day, Alokozay Earl Grey Tea is the way to do it. Balanced with natural citrus flavors and a lingering sweetness, have Earl Grey Tea by Alokozay make an appearance at your next afternoon retreat.

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Black Tea with Bergamot Flavour


100ml tea infusion prepared as directed (with no milk and sugar) typically gives you:

Energy - 2kJ/<1kcal

Protein - 0.1 g

Carbohydrates of which sugars - 0g

Fat of which saturates - 0g

Fibre - 0g

Sodium - 0g

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