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A cup of thyme tea has a lot more to offer than its pleasant taste; thymol, one of the volatile oils in thyme, is a potent antioxidant.

Thyme or Zaatar is a blend of sumac berries and sesame seeds that has been used since Ancient Egyptian times. Revered for its natural ability to increase memory, prepare the body for sleep and even bring luck to those who drink it, Alokozay Zaatar Tea blend is as refreshing as it is inspiring.

This sweet, light herbal blend features a comforting flavour and delightful aroma. It is soothing, and leaves your body feeling refreshed, yet calm. Steep it for a hot brew or serve it over ice for something truly extraordinary. Alokozay Zaatar blend features only the finest ingredients and combines it with our premium black tea for a taste of adventure in a cup.

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