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The finest Green Tea with an original lemon taste and flavour, suits all age groups from the young to the old.

Lemon natural burst of flavour paired with only the finest green tea. Alokozay Lemon Green Tea features a sunny, citrusy flavour that is invigorating. The lemon mingles perfectly with our healthy green tea blend to give you something delightful and nutritious that you can sip on all day.

Alokozay Lemon Green Tea can be steeped and served hot or brewed and served over ice for a refreshing midday cooler. The natural power of antioxidants from the green tea and lively lemon and spices is uplifting and exciting. It makes for an ideal drink for all ages of tea drinkers. Alokozay uses only the finest products to bring you our Lemon Tea blend, so go on and enjoy it with confidence.

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Ceylon Green Tea with Lemon Flavour
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