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Kick-start your day with a sip of this invigorating and aromatic blend of pure ginger and lemon herbal tea.

Enjoy the natural, immune-boosting properties of ginger, lemon and green tea. Alokozay Ginger Lemon Tea offers all the health properties of nature best in our delicious tea blend.

Lemon and ginger is a zesty citrus infusion that has been an experience adored by all for hundreds of years. In fact, Chinese herbalists used the pungent flavour of ginger in their teas for medicinal purposes. Now Alokozay Ginger Lemon Tea brings you the calming, uplifting blend of fiery ginger, cheerful lemon and natural seasonings. Next time you are looking for something rejuvenating and soothing, reach for our Ginger Lemon Tea blend.

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50% Lemongrass, 30% Ginger Root, 9% Lemon Myrtle, 6% Liquorice Root, 5% Lemon Peel
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