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Alokozay Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes are made of soft, dense fabric that does not irritate the skin or tear during usage.

Enriched with vitamin E moisturizing formula and zero alcohol, Alokozay Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria, keeping you clean and protected. Their formula actively fights viruses and allergens, leaving your skin smooth, germ-free, and soothing the most sensitive skin areas.

Thanks to a unique anti-bacterial formula, these wipes quickly cleanse the skin of impurities, soften it, have a refreshing effect, and protect against dangerous microbes.

They are used not only for disinfecting the skin of hands, body, and face but also for treating bacteriologically hazardous surfaces like door handles, handrails, gadgets, plastic cards, bags, and wallets.

These anti-bacterial wet wipes are compact and easy to use. In addition, they moisturize and restore the skin's softness and are ideal for dry and allergy-prone skin.

Economically priced, these quality wet wipes are ideal for home use and outdoors, like travel, work, and other public places.

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10 Reviews

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Good Value for Money!
These are the best-smelling wipes I've used, and it work perfectly with my combination skin type. They are soft and do remove my makeup easily. Also, I like the fact that it has vitamin E and grape seed oil.
Verified Purchase
Best Makeup removal wipe ever used
it became my favorite wipes, it leaves my skin clean and soft after removing my party makeup. quite comfy and soothing fragrance for sensitive skin like mine, most of the wipes irritate my skin after couple of use, this was my 3rd pack no irritation so far. very effective and worth of price!!
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Amazing Quality
The wipes are quite big and incredibly soft on skin, there is no dryness after use. Definitely great value for money!! I've already ordered 2 more :D Would surely recommend a try.