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Premium Black Tea fused with fresh cardamoms to yield the original amazing aroma and flavour.

Cardamom is native to India and the people believe strongly in its unique healing properties. From treating ulcers to digestive problems to depression, cardamom has more to offer than a citrusy, peppery spice. Alokozay Cardamom Tea harnesses the natural healing properties of this spice and combines it with the finest black tea to bring you something truly extraordinary.

Once steeped, Alokozay Cardamom Tea brings the gentle, earthy taste of the forest while offering exceptional depth. Serve it hot or pour it over ice for a deliciously soothing drink. Our Cardamom Tea is a favourite for all ages, so brew a cup (or two) at your next family gathering and enjoy.

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Ceylon Black Tea with Cardamom Flavour


100ml tea infusion prepared as directed (with no milk and sugar)

typically gives you:

Energy - 2kJ/<1kcal

Protein - 0.1 g

Carbohydrates of which sugars - 0g

Fat of which saturates - 0g

Fibre - 0g

Sodium - 0g

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